Back to school – home economics class.

In a previous post I wrote a contentious article about why food should not be taught in schools.  I’m a read advocate of Home Economics in schools, not just food education.  So, I was given my chance to teach for a day at Meoncross School

Untitled-2James McIntosh, Britain’s food ambassador, world award winning cookery writer and TV presenter, visited Meoncross this week.

James stressed the importance of a good Home Economics education for all. He explained with real life examples that Home Economics is not just about cooking, rather helps build vital life skills for us all.

Home Economics is the one subject that covers all of the curriculum, James explained how Geography, History, Maths, English and all 3 three Sciences are required daily in his work.

Home Economics is also a subject that interconnects the arts and sciences as pure creativity and academic knowledge are required at every level.

Year 10 GCSE Home Economics pupils together with those considering the course in Year 9, and pupils who take part in the Cooking for Fun activity on a Wednesday afternoon, all attended the presentation by James and were able to sample the dishes of Rigatoni and Poached Peaches that he prepared as part of the event.

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