Best of British Food!

Asparagus, Jersey Royals and Rhubarb – the Best of British food.

Spring has finely sprung.  That to me suggests spring cleaning – you know, washing out the cupboards where the saucepans live and also throwing out accumulated rubbish or donating unused items to charity.

Untitled-7Spring is also the time of my 2 favourite British vegetables and my all time favourite British fruit (technically it’s not a fruit, more of a shoot really).  You may have noticed my tweet last week late one night as I found British Rhubarb in the supermarket.  I had to buy it! I just stewed it with a little water and some home made vanilla sugar that I keep in the cupboard.  It was beautiful, both to look (the pinky / red and green pieces) but also the flavour.  Sometimes I add a little freshly grated ginger to enhance the flavour just that little bit more.

May means not only my birthday, but also Asparagus and Jersey Royals.  Asparagus is available the year round in the UK, but in May, British asparagus is available and in my opinion this knocks the socks off any imported varieties.  Simply boiled and served with a lightly poached egg and some freshly ground black pepper.  And as for those potatoes, like any Ulster Man, I love my spuds.  Jersey Royals are earthy and wonderful.

With such a great variety of produce available at the moment, BUY BRITISH!


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