Cooking the easy way – recipes to your door

After a long days work few can muster the energy and creativeness to think of a recipe then fight for the ingredients at the local supermarket. Luckily there is a new wave of companies seeking to take the hassle out of cooking healthy and exciting meals.  Introducing Gousto.  Gousto is one of those taking the veg box to its logical conclusion. They let customers select recipes online and deliver all the fresh, organic and seasonal ingredients in perfect proportions to their door.

The ingredient-delivery concept was pioneered in Sweden by Middagsfrid in 2007 and now through a number of companies has expanded to Germany, the US and the UK. The industry has gone from strength to strength as it allows families to save time, get inspired to cook healthy, responsibly sourced food whilst also reducing food waste.

Gousto has a team of talented chefs, including a Michelin star and Master Chef contestant, they create a range of exciting new recipes each week. From ‘Tahini Crusted Cod With Tomato Salsa’ to ‘Wild Boar Ragu With Linguini’, everyone is catered for and the customer gets the choice to pick what most takes their fancy from a broad selection. Gousto go to the effort to source the best local, organic and seasonal ingredients and then weigh and portion everything, meaning the recipes are really easy to follow and on average take only around 30 minutes.

Co-founder Timo Schmidt states ‘the whole point is to get people out of the rut of cooking the same recipes week in week out. By letting us do the hard work we hope to get people really excited about cooking and eating well – even when they’re busy.’

Per meal, prices start at £5.60 for a family bag (3 meals for 4 people) and £7 for a couples bag (3 meals for 2 people).

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