Crumble – the nation’s favourite

With the final of the Great British Bake Off last night and this week being British Baking Week it’s all a bit of a baking bonanza.  Today I’m making a crumble brownie concept and a good old apple crumble too.In recent research according to Rangemaster Facebook page 40% of us Brits prefer to follow a roast dinner with a fruit pie or crumble.  Thoroughly easy to make, delicious and served with custard or ice cream.

Now, lets take crumble to another level.  Those nights when one is in the pub with friends and a performer arrives on stage complete with a keyboard standing on top of an ironing board (I never said it was a normal night!) and all of a sudden I hear a song playing about Crumble.  Well, as it’s one of my favourite deserts I listened on.  Dear readers, please meet the lady who puts the work ‘Exotic’ into Suburbia – Lorraine Bowen.

Lorraine has a habit of singing about household items, very funny, very kitsch and has always turned making a crumble for me into another realm.  Home Economics with a keyboard!

Do have a listen to the Crumble Song.  You can download it HERE. However, with many mixes, I find the More Flour Remix the best.

Translated into Dutch, Japanese, Italian, French and many other languages, Loraine, you are a true British Food Ambassador.

Trust me, roast dinners will never be the same again!

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