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From pasties to piccalilli, Welsh rarebit to white pudding and saveloy to smoked salmon, Britain has undoubtedly the most varied cuisine in the world. As a tribute to the British dining table curious maps have recently launched “The Great British Food Map”, a clever typographical map of the UK made up of traditional, and not so traditional, foods dished up in Britain. All served up (pardon the pun) with a smattering of humour.
The designers at have travelled and sampled culinary delights from around the globe, but when it comes down to it, they admit you simply can’t beat a good British pie or real British bacon. With a love, or near obsession, for British food, the two London-born graphic designers have combined this love with their passion for words and design and the obvious result was curiousmaps. All the classics are featured on the map as well as some cheeky surprises, such as pot noodle (!?). As they say, it’s a map “for anyone proud to eat British”.“We’ve lived abroad for 8 years now and still haven’t found authentic British food served in a real British way. You end up becoming obsessed by marmite and spotted dick!” says designer Jeremy Cope. “In mainland Europe, a lot of people are a bit hung up on British food, but normally for the wrong reasons. If only they really knew what a fantastic range of dishes we have. Not everyone eats a fry-up every morning!”

A London Foodie Map is also already available in cupcake pink, featuring Matzos in Hendon, club sandwich in the City and bhajis in Hounslow. More foodie maps are on their way soon and their collection of stereotypical maps have raised an eyebrow and a smile, too.

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