Different flavours for desserts

Food, like fashion has trends, and one company I know that keeps not just up-to-date with them but sets them.  The food tasting party company My Secret Kitchen

SECI’ve blogged about their christ Stolen in the past and their Secret Vanilla Pudding Spices.  Surely in one year about one company 2 blogs is enough.  That was until the latest set of products arrived in the post.  Secret Honeycomb Spices and Hibiscus Rose and Nectar

The honeycomb spices comprise of a blend of dried honey, crushed honeycomb, sweet spices and golden granules of bee pollen (which add an indescribable perfume and honey overtones) this truly magical ingredient will transform your cooking and baking.

The hibiscus and nectar if served with simple red fruits can add panache to panna cotta – or try adding to your summer Pimms cocktail, or to sparkling wine for a fresh and fruity take on fizz. And for a grown-up twist on a kids’ classic, try our Jelly & Ice Cream recipe!

And as for the brownie mix, its not any ordinary brownie mix, its the best brownie (not just mix) I have ever tired on my world food travels.

The UK needs more food innovators like this.  Well done My Secret Kitchen.

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