From Casseroles to Curries.

From time to time I get new product samples sent to me.  All of them I will try.  Friday’s delivery looked like a cosmetic counter.  The most fabulous food packaging ever.  Introducing Spicentice

To me, currys are like the Great British Casserole, they cook in the same way, but have different flavour profiles.  Using this product is simple, one marinade sachet, one cooking sachet and the flavours, I NEVER thought I would find in a pre-packaged product.

Lets look at the story…

Take one hungry student, a bunch of other hungry students and a handful of mum’s specially blended herbs and spices and you have the story of Spicentice!

Back in 1994 when founder, Ketan Varu, was at university, his mum sent him recipes and spices to make real Indian curries that would remind him of home. Pretty soon all his friends were hooked and the idea for Spicentice was born.

All these years later Spicentice is very much a family business (with mum, Manjula, and dad, Ramnik, still making sure Ketan eats a good lunch!) and the range has grown to include Indian, Thai, Jamaican, Moroccan, Portuguese, Cajun and Mexican spice kits, along with herb & spice rubs in handy tins and real Indian fruit chutneys.

Spicentice stands out from the crowd because of its commitment to traditional recipes that have been perfected over generations, with 100% pure herbs & spices, no waste and absolutely no nasties!  Cooking and sharing a meal using our spice kits or rubs will impress your family and friends (and make Ketan’s mum very happy!).

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