Gourmet Babylon

I’m spending a lot of time at present translating American recipes to British cooking.  This is not as easy as you think.

Not only does each recipe need re-tested using British ingredients, but sometimes vast substitutes need to be made too.  For example, we in the UK use metric, Americans use cups.  A direct translation is not possible as a cup is a volume measurement where as we measure by weight.  So the volume of a cup of sugar will not be the same weight as a cup of flour.

And then there is a packed cup.  A cup where the contents is pushed down to the weight increases.  Sugar crystal sizes are different in the US to uk, so they don’t dissolve or melt as fast as ours.  Food names, spelling and general ingredient behaviour is differnt too.

Introducing Gourmet Babylon on Facebook.  A group of about 100 members who discuss food and have embraced this Brit with great gusto.  Described as A fun little group dedicated to cooking, food, entertaining and dining!

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