Henry (age 9) opens sweet shop.

A nine year-old boy has launched an online sweet shop for children, selling all sorts of goodies.  Meet Henry Patterson.

Henry Patterson designed the product range, came up with idea for the logo
and decided on the name for the business based on his mother’s response
whenever he asks her for sweets.

“No one knows the type of sweets that children like better than a child,”
says Henry, founder of Not Before Tea.

“Sweets must be as fun as toys and do stuff,” he adds.  As well as ensuring
that each jar was an adventure in its own right, Henry set out to solve the
biggest problem with confectionery – how to soften the blow when the sweets
are all gone. Not Before Tea products come with glass pens to decorate the

Henry also includes reward stickers for grown-ups to give children to make
sure they clean their teeth.  “I hate cleaning my teeth after I have eaten
sweets but love getting stickers at the dentist. That’s how I got the idea,”
he says.

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