How one ingredient makes all the difference

In 1985, when I was 7 and starters when eating out included grapefruit, egg mayonnaise and possibly half a grapefruit Mark Leatham started a brand called Merchant Gourmet.

Untitled-2Mark wanted good quality ingredients, the sort where if you just add one of them a dish is transferred.  We all know making the same pasta recipe tastes completely different if fresh pasta is used instead of dried, but at a time when porchini mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes were foreign to many, Merchant Gourmet has grown to a range of over 40 products available in most supermarkets.  They are easy to find, the distinctive navy and gold packaging oozes the quality of Merchant Gourmet products.

We have all heard of ingredients like polenta, quinoa and chestnuts, but what do you do with them?  Introducing Alex Mackay he’s the man to tell you how to cook some of the lesser known products, how to oomph up a stir-fry, use chestnuts other than at christmas and how to make family food more than exciting with speed and ease using products from this Great British Company.

A brand with quick meals, grains and cereals, chestnuts, dried mushrooms, lentils, oils and vinegars, sun dried tomatoes…  World food supplied by a company based in London

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