How to feed your family on less than €10 a day

Is it possible?  Yes.  At the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards I was sitting beside the author, Elizabeth Bollard.  Congratulations Elizabeth for your award in the easy recipe category.  Your book is Ronseal.  Does what it says on the tin, oh I wish so many others were like that too.

7Easy recipes, don’t through your nose in the air and think “sous vide is much better”.  Elizabeth is a mum, she is a teacher and she has to feed her family.  In the book she has done this superbly, showing how to feed your family well, in little time when there is a financial crisis and your a single mother.

A positive and upbeat ‘must read’, for anybody determined to cut their living costs, How to Feed Your Family on Less than 10 Euro a Day and other Cost-saving Tips provides practical and supportive solutions to help cope today in Ireland, when making ends meet is foremost on people’s minds.

The book is a recession survival guide for all; is unique since it is written by a single mother of three who has survived personal financial struggles since the onset of the property crash in 2007. Everything she has learned about budgeting she has learned through experience and necessity; gives tips on how to feed a family of four on a tight budget under 10 euro a day complete with a sample shopping list and a two-week menu with extensive nourishing recipes relevant to the list; advises on how to save money on household bills, electricity, insurance, cars, clothes, hiring contractors and cutting legal costs; addresses budgeting, planning and saving, State benefits, and ideas for making extra money are all addressed; and includes useful websites to help simplify the most complicated bigger purchases.

You can buy the book HERE

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