James in Germany

It’s that time of year that is every food writers dream.  The kids have gone back to school (not that I have any) so the flights are cheaper and the hotels empty. It’s my time of year to travel and see more of the world of food.  This year its Germany.  I’ve always loved that country, its beautiful the food superb.  And over 10 days I’m going to show you what I have found.


Don’t label Germany as one type of food, I assure you it’s more than cabbage and sausages.  The persevered meats and the fresh cheeses, the wines of the Rhine, pastries and pretzels.

Like all modern day cuisines, German food has evolved through centuries of social and political change.  The variations from region to region have resulted from what is grown in the different Lands (states) but also through immigration.

According to a show on the BBC last week the average German man eats 1.5kg of pork a week.  How does he do it?  I want to find out.  I’m 2 weeks early for Octoberfest, and a month early for the famous Christmas Markets, but I’m sure there is much to find and discover.

So, keep reading while I present James in Germany.  First stop Frankfurt-am-Main in the Land of Hesse famous for its apfelwein cider, handkase cheese mit musik (I will explain where the sound comes from later), Frankfurt green sauce, Speckkuchen, Betmannchen and Haddekuche amongst others.  After this a journey north to Berlin to find the famous Curry Wurst and Berliner donut.

I’m sorry to say it, but Frankfurters are not from Frankfurt, just a made up name.  Or so my host has informed me.

I fly next weekend.  Wunderbar!

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