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Food lovers community website allows you to organize all your favourite recipes into one space, share treasured family recipes, find other tried and tested recipes from food bloggers and celebrity chefs and keep your chosen favourites in one place. 

Untitled-1MyDish ( is a social networking site for food lovers.  It enables people to share recipes and their passion for food.  MyDish believes that food is at the heart of some of our most important social interactions. It has a mission is to promote good home cooking and to provide a public archive where great recipes can be kept, and more importantly, shared.

But MyDish is unique among recipe sharing websites.  As well as being able to upload your own and your treasured family recipes to keep traditions going and pass these recipes on to the next generation, you can also surf the net and when you find a recipe you like you can click on the Grabit spoon and keep this recipe (with a link to the original page) in your favourites folder.  All you need to do is download the MyDish Grabit app.

MyDish also has a collection of member’s favourite dinner party menus, so when you need some inspiration or just want to try something different take a look at what other people serve when they entertain at home.  And then to make it REALLY easy for you – you can select what you want to cook for your dinner party or for the week ahead and create a shopping list for those recipes which you can either print of or text to your mobile.  All of this is a free resource – all we want you to do is to connect to your friends so we can celebrate the diversity of British cooking!

Do you still love to cook that Cheesecake your grandmother made? Do you enjoy the warm glow of nostalgia as you kneed cinnamon bread, while following your aunt’s secret recipe? Does your mother’s Apple Crumble still trigger happy memories?

If the answer to any or all of the above is ‘yes’ then log on to

Mydish is a free resource for people for whom food and cooking is a hobby and a passion. At Mydish you can:

  • create your own recipe folder and store all of your favorite recipes in one convenient location;
  • publish and share your recipes, cooking ideas and experiences with family and friends;
  • rate and review and offer comments and suggestions on other people’s recipes that you have tried;
  • create your own shopping list

Mydish is the brainchild of Carol Savage, Mother of 3 boys, Carol says:

“When my husband Kenny’s mother passed away he brought home 2 scraps of paper with her hand written recipes that he remembers from when he was a boy – Banana Bread and Lemon Meringue Pie. I realized that lots of us have treasured food memories handed down through the generations, “

Carol pitched for and won backing from Dragon’s Den Deborah Meaden

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