The battle of the Soda

Reading the BBC website last night I was very intrigued to read an article about New York banning super sized soda’s. This does not apply to drinks that are 70% juice, alcohol or diet soda’s.

I’m very pro Governments in their drives to sometimes limit unhealthy foods, but then again it can be seen as a nanny state.  Not everyone knows what is and what is not healthy.  2 weeks ago I was at the cinema with a friend (who happens to be a nutritionalist) and we watched a very overweight teenage purchase a hotdog, a huge bucket of popcorn, some chocolate and a very large soda.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I could not actually drink all of this during a movie of 1.5 hours.

With home economics and a concerned effort in teaching healthy eating not in the UK school curriculum at current, measures like these need to be introduced.  At what point is a child free to have the intelligence to make choices?  Every now and again, all in moderation so to say is fine, but the volume this child purchased in front of me was a bit too much.

What are your thoughts on this issue?  Should children de taught more about healthy choices or should authorities place a ban on purchase?  Is this a positive or negative action?

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