The Cornish Food Box Company

I’m a local hero of food from home, I’ve written on my blog many times about how I want some Tayto crisps from my home town of Tandragee.  But if your Cornish, what do you do?  Call The Cornish Food Box Company – obviously.

Untitled-1When your voted in the top 10 best local food retailers in the UK in 2012 by your customers in the BBC Food and Farming Awards you must be good.  Many email me to be on my blog, most copy I edit and re-write, but the email from The Cornish Food Box Company spoke to me.  As the founders say:

There is a lot about who we are and what we do on our website, but put simply my sister Lucy and I started The Cornish Food Box Company in Dec 10 to make it really easy for people to buy Cornish food. We work with more than 85 small farmers, fishermen, bakers and producers to bring together as much variety of food produced here in Cornwall as possible. We ONLY sell food  from the county, so as an example we don’t sell mushrooms because there is no-one growing them commercially in Cornwall. We could buy them from south Devon but we don’t! Initially we started the business to sell local food to local people and that is still the vast majority of our business but we have recently started nationwide deliveries as well.

As Cornish girls, we started the business as a way of supporting all the great small food producers in the county. It’s about rural employment and supporting the small family farms of our childhood. Helping our generation have a future here as well.

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