Vallebona – the Sardinian Deli to your door

There is something romantic in food writing about describing an Italian Deli, I find it more exciting to find one that also delivers to your door. Last week I took a trip to visit Vallebona.

Untitled-1Vallebona was founded in 1890 by Agostino Vallebona, the great grandfather of the current owner Stefano Vallebona. It all started on the island of San Pietro, an old Genoves community a few miles west of Sardinia.

Agostino started dealing in fine Olive Oils, Wines, Cheeses and Bottarga. By 1920 the business had gained momentum, now at the helm was Egidio Vallebona, Agostino’s son. Egidio was the driving force behind the company, he had a passion and understanding of the fine produce he was trading in and wanted to instill this passion and pride into his customers. With a fleet of trading boats, he started to trade with clients in Spain, Corsica and North Africa. What Egidio understood, and what contributes to the essence of the company even today, is the strong bond and understanding between Vallebona and its suppliers and the passion shared by them. We retain connections today with many of our suppliers that was originally set up by Agostino and Egidio, it had been passed from father to son on both sides of the chain,

What remains today from these relationships is a passion held by us to pass onto our customers the best quality and finest produce we can find. It just so happens that many of the best producers back in 1890 are the great grandfathers of the gentleman we work with today! In the ten years we’ve been in the UK Vallebona’s focus has changed little. Our mission is to bring speciality Italian Gourmet to British restaurants, cafes, and most importantly to you at home, with unrivalled service and delivery. We are hoping to evoke a little of the passion and pride we have in the wonderful food and people we work with, and help integrate our extraordinary products into healthy modern British cuisine and home cooking.

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