What Labor day means. James Style.

Today is Labor day – not related to the UK.  Its a USA thing.  I once remember hearing a movie which clearly stated that “you cant wear white after labor day”.  I was then concerned about my shirts as most are white.

No white until Christmas after today.  Got it?

Said Deputy Head and said Primary School teacher are back to work today.  I must say, I’m a little lost as I have to re-establish my routine.  Labor Day is about about the start of Autumn (or the Fall in the USA) and a day that the seasons switch and a time to look forward to the harvest.  Cosy nights in and BBQ season switches to dinner party season.

Some of the most innovative businesses I know are home based ones, my friend Laura who is the most amazing person at sales training I have ever heard speak introduced me to the love people at My Secret Kitchen.  A party plan for flavours.  And really interesting and fun ones at that.  It’s a food tasting party in your home.  Today My Secret Kitchen launched a new product, and this one at the turn of the season as piqued my interest.

Secret Vanilla Pudding Spices cleverly combine vanilla with cinnamon, ground coriander seed, ginger and the secret ingredient, roasted cassia.  Cassia – also known as Chinese cinnamon – has a similar appearance to cinnamon bark but with a stronger flavour.  Roasting it also gives a wonderfully unique toasted flavour, and helps to make the Secret Vanilla Pudding Spices a must-have ingredient for autumn and winter comfort baking. It will add a tasty twist to puddings and desserts – and is especially awesome in a traditional English apple pie.

As the nights draw in, fancy something a bit different?  Try a tasting party with My Secret Kitchen.

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