What’s for dinner Cyril?

You may not have heard of him in the past, but Cyril Rouquet is a rather famous chap.  He won Masterchef in France and is considered as Frances’ “Jamie Oliver”.Untitled-1
I met Cyril a few years ago at the Paris Cookbook fair where I was mesmerised at how he was ironing a salmon to cook it. We struck up a friendship and kept in touch.  Earlier this year I was lucky enough to visit his restaurant.
St Honore is the saint of patisserie chefs and Cyril’s Restaurant is on Rue St Honore, 150,  its called LOUVRE BOUTEILLE (LOUVRE like the museum because it’s close to there, and BOUTEILLE (bottle)…I let you guess why !)
We are both in Beijing together a few weeks ago at the Yi Yin Cup.
Do have a look at Cyrill’s website, visit his restaurant, every dish has flowers in it.

Cyril and James cooking at Louvre Bouteille

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