Yorkshire ice cream

Regular readers will know my passion for Red Tractor accredited products. ¬†An award winning York dairy ice cream manufacturer is dispelling the myth that ice cream is a summer treat with a range of festive themed ice creams.Yorvale, York’s only dairy ice cream maker, developed Plum and Armagnac and Mince Pie ice creams as a light, yet indulgent alternative to traditional Christmas desserts like pudding, pies and stollen.

The Plum and Armagnac ice cream is made from succulent plums that have been soaked in Armagnac whilst the Mince Pie Ice Cream includes sweet mincemeat from fellow York artisan producer Bracken Hill Foods. Both are made with milk from Yorvale’s family herd of cows and double cream from a local creamery.

Yorvale uses traditional methods and the finest local ingredients to produce rich and creamy dairy ice cream. Its superior tasting ice cream is attributed to the fact that their herd of dairy cows graze on lush Yorkshire grass and because they only ever produce milk for ice cream, they only need to be milked once a day. The result is stress free cows that produce really creamy milk for superior tasting ice cream.

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