An Irish perspective to Home Economics

My Degree and Masters was in Home Economics, trust me, if it was all about cooking I would be very fat now.  It’s about all of the factors that affect a family in terms of resources for food, clothing, energy, finances and shelter.

Untitled-1To celebrate World Home Economics Day in 2013, Dr Mary Magee from St Angelas College, Sligo, Ireland explains in depth about what Home Economics is from an Irish point of view.

To watch the video, click HERE.

I have known Dr McGee for many years, we first met in Kyoto, Japan in 2004, and since then have both been to many International Federation for Home Economics meetings in Ireland and Germany. Dr McGee is a past European Vice President of the Federation and we both gave keynote speeches at the Federation centenary congress in 2008 in Luzern, Switzerland.  Between us, we also set up a bursary to send a home economics student to attend the past world congress of the Federation in Australia.

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