Chocolate Valentine Cards

What to get for Valentines day?  What do I want for valentines day?  Will other half remember (probably not).  Note to self, send todays blog to other half as a gentle reminder to shop at CakeyPig.  Well, after all, its a special day and they have been mentioned in Hello! Magazine.  An edible valentines card – yumm!


A few years ago, I was given the ‘Tesco Value Valentines Card’.  Hilariously it said on the back “not to be sold separately, multipack only”.  But the wonderful team at CakeyPigg are selling chocolate Valentines cards.  Yumm!  Darling, listen up, visit CakeyPigg and leave the rest in the multipack that I found in the bottom of the sideboard last week.  Muches kisses.  James x


The Pigg philosophy views cake, sweets and biscuits as rather delicious edible art. One of the most common phrases we hear is ‘is that really a cake?’ usually followed by ‘how can you bear to cut into it!’. But of course we encourage everyone to eat the cake – cake is good.

At CakeyPigg Originals we combine a natural flair for art with traditional sugarcraft skills and cutting edge techniques such as sugar blowing (like glass blowing but with sugar), molecular gastronomy, sugar sculpting and air brushing. Creating edible works of art takes a ton of patience, a dash of inspiration and an eye for detail. It’s this attention to detail, whether it’s the ‘stitching’ on a leather shoe or the oil stains beneath an edible car, that give CakeyPigg cakes their unique character.

CakeyPigg Originals was founded in 2010 by Jen Wong, Creative Director. Together with Angela Longley, Operations Director, and a team of little Piggies, all CakeyPigg creations are lovingly hand made to order in a bakery (aka the ‘Piggery’) on the Hampshire/Berkshire border.

From corporate cakes, gifts and events to extravagant celebrations; one off original pieces to high volume productions. If you’re looking for something different and original, you want CakeyPigg Originals.

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