Frog in the kitchen

I’ve only eaten frogs legs once and that was in Paris.  I’ve seen massive (and I mean massive) frogs in China ready for eating (they were a bit scary), however a fellow country

man from back home in Northern Ireland has produced a produced called a Frogjaw for the kitchen.  Yes it’s green, but this one is made of plastic and is quite a nifty device for the kitchen.

In my job I come across all sorts of gadgets, but this one I’m finding very useful indeed.  Not many products make it into my travelling kit for work, heaven knows the miles across the globe I travel with kitchen equipment.  Less is more in many situations.

What do you do when you’ve stirred a pot and are left holding a dirty spoon?  You can set it on the worktop and have to tidy up a spill.  Rather, just attached frogjaw and hook the utensil onto the or use frogjaw to raise the head of the utensil off the work surface.  Heat resistant up to 250C and made from food standard silicone means its dishwasher safe.

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