Many people claim to be experts in food, and experts in health and nutrition too.  Sadly, few really are.  What diet works South-beach, Atkins, Cabbage soup?

 I like to have a healthy balanced diet with different colours of veg every night and take the opinion that everything in moderation is the best way.

2 years ago I met a lady who has a company called Good4U back home in Northern Ireland.  I was intrigued, I listened, I now love the product.  Good4U has spent years researching the health benefits of shoots and the research has proven that Super Shoots are conducive to fighting cancer, Alfalfa Shoots are the natural way to lower cholesterol and Lentil, Pea & Bean Shoots contain high levels of protein and fibre boosting energy and promoting healthy digestion.  I did my research, looking not just on Google, but on pier reviewed articles to make sure there was credibility and found that Shoots have the highest concentration of nutrients per calorie of any food.  All backed up by the University of Ulster.

So all well and good, what are they like to eat?  I mean, looking at an earlier blog I wrote about Quinoa are they viewed as a hippy food too?  I don’t think so, I bought some from my local supermarket and not only do they fit into my sandwiches – no not the University flat mate’s mashed potato sandwiches, but a handful of them in what I’m having for my lunch, some on top of pasta, salads, risotto, soup, and I’ve even added them into a carrot cake recipe.


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