Home Economics distinguished service award to Janett Gibbs

The International Federation for Home Economics presented the IFHE Distinguished Service Award 2012 to Janett GIBBS on 21st July 2012 at the IFHE Congress in Melbourne, Australia for her long and meritorious service to the Federation.

Untitled-1Janett GIBBS, USA born 1922 in Hazlehurst, Mississippi was a Home Economics Teacher and Educator. Her specialisation is Family Resource Management. She has a certificate in Gerontology of the University of Georgia.

Her passion is to help others, to make a difference in the lives of others especially in Africa, the Caribbean, South America and the US. She has spent her professional career and retirement years on enhancing the quality of life for others by conducting workshops, participating in events such as International Year of Family, and teaching others about nutrition, household management and financial management.

One of the special benefits she has been involved in is Disaster Relief in the Caribbean for a number of years. In 1995 after Hurricane Louis, she initiated the donation of a 20ft container of educational materials, inclusive of books and equipment for Home Economics in Antigua and Barbuda.

She has been a member of IFHE for 31 years and has served on the IFHE US Board for ten years. She has served as a representative and delegate to nearly every IFHE Congress and Council that has been held around the world for 30 years. Janett GIBBS is also called the IFHE Congress Tour Leader. Organising tours since 1984 has been a benefit to Home Economics and IFHE. On all these trips her endearing nature comes to the fore as she plans, organises, coordinates/oversees those plans and puts her shoulder to the wheel to ensure that all come to fruition.

She is a wonderful, cheerful leader, who still inspires everyone with the message that there is always something that can be accomplished if we make the effort.
Congratulations Janett and Well done.

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