How to survive the school holidays

It is this time of the year that us adults really do appreciate the hard work and effort that teachers do.  As I wrote in a previous blog the final day of the summer term is surely the scariest date in my diary.  I can get nothing done now.
As a freelancer I spend time every morning reading Kim Constable’s blog.  I love how she talks honestly and clearly to other mums.  How she gets a motivational issue across to mums who work from home.  I’m very regimented as a freelancer.  I plan my day. It is normally a mixture of client paid for work and time developing my own brand – James McIntosh.  I reckon I’m quite good at managing my time in this area.  This summer I’m finding it impossible.  I’m constantly distracted with cries of boredom, problems, constantly wanting to talk and generally an upset routine. Let us not forget it is not even the end of week two yet! The highlight of the Summer (to keep wandering minds occupied) has been the Olympics, the 3 times a week swim, and a picnic in the park on a Saturday afternoon.
Now hang on a minute. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t breed. My best mate is a school teacher. He is 42 and three quarters and I’m fed up with him.
Tomorrow I think we will amuse said Vice-Principal by making flapjacks from my Award Winning iPhone AppWhisk followed by some time in my extended living room – the Oval Lounge.
Serves 1 teacher aged 42 3/4
75g brown sugar
75g butter
2 tbsp golden syrup
125g rolled oats
Preheat the oven to 170C / Gas Mark 3.  Grease and line an 18cm square shallow tin
Melt the Sugar, fat and syrup together in a pan until sugar is dissolved
Add oats and mix through
Spread into tin and press firmly.  Bake for 15-20 minutes until golden brown
When cooled, cut into fingers and allow to cool in tin.  when cooled remove from tin

6 thoughts on “How to survive the school holidays

  1. What a lovely tribute James, I am honoured. I enjoy reading your blog every day and actually laugh out loud at some of your anecdotes. If you weren’t such an amazing chef, I’d suggest you become a comic. Much love x

  2. Thank you Kim. I try to laugh my way through and get up to as much fun as I can with work! You blog does help me structure my business, thank you for the daily updates. However said Deputy Head has not commented yet! I wonder how quiet tomorrow will be??

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