I bet you look good on the dance floor

Tonight I have a black tie event on Park Lane, and on Saturday I have a wedding in Vauxhall.  I’m not a good dancer.

We all love a good wedding and there’s nothing lovelier or perhaps funnier, depending on the wedding, than the wedding dance. Watching a couple in love glide around the dance floor to a beautiful, romantic song can bring a tear to the eye.

But at many weddings, the tears are tears of laughter as uncoordinated newly-weds stumble across the floor to a highly inappropriate number. And now a new survey, commissioned by TOTAL Greek Yoghurt shows just how bad it can get.

Dancing, if you can call it that, leaves a lot to be desired which is probably why the first dance can be a scary prospect.

Despite one in ten of those surveyed saying they have been inspired to try dancing after watching Strictly, we still don’t have the skills. More than a quarter were afraid or are afraid they would look silly, one in five had or have a fear of stepping on their partner’s toes, one in ten of falling over and more than 5% of being too drunk to dance.

And it’s not just the happy couple who are at fault and that’s if we dance at all.

Close to half of us would not dance at a wedding with reasons ranging from being too embarrassed, too self-conscious of their body, and too unfit. And over a quarter of all men questioned, wouldn’t step a foot on the dance floor without having a couple of drinks first.

Of those of us who do, close to one in five of us would describe ourselves as clumsy dancers, almost one in ten would describe their dancing style as ‘unique’, a confident 3% say they’re sexy on the dance floor, with less than 1% claiming they are professional.

TOTAL Greek Yoghurt’s Fitness Expert Dee Thresher who helped train former Strictly star Charlie Brooks and her partner Dr Hilary Jones before his stint in Dancing on Ice said, “Guests at weddings tend to fall into three categories when it comes to dancing. Those that simply can’t wait to get up and strut their stuff, those who get pulled up to dance against their will and your slightly tipsy (nee drunk) guest who has suddenly become a professional dancer over night!

The majority of people are less confident dancing at weddings as it is perhaps not something they take part in on a regular basis.  Most people really want to dance but feel self conscious. Fitness can play a big part in this. If a person is generally non active then getting out on the dance floor can highlight how unfit they really are!”

But it’s not just the dance likely to cause offence. The survey also examined the infamous Wedding Song!

Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For topped the list of the most inappropriate wedding songs, followed by I Wanna Sex you up, Sex Is On Fire, Love Will Tear Us Apart, and Every Breath you take – Sting’s story of a stalker………

The most cringe-worthy songs were voted as Whitney’s I Will Always Love You, followed by Celine’s My Heart Will Go On, the Dirty Dancing Classic – I Had the Time of my Life, Elton’s Can You Feel the Love Tonight and Top Gun’s Take My Breath Away

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