MeeMeeTV is a new social media platform for being noticed.  MeeMeeTV gives everyone a chance to have their own TV channel.  You can see mine HERE


In the rapidly growing and popularity of social media, there is no better time or way to tweet, post, blog, and broadcast your way to fame.  With the wide range of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram, along with their astounding user base, becoming a celebrity of the digital world is closer then ever before.  Marketing Manager, Anastasia Stefanos, of MeeMeeTV- a portal for users to create their own free online TV channel explains, “You need to be bold, relevant, and interesting to capture the public’s attention.  There is no room for shy wallflowers in the critical and fast-paced world of social networking”.  Anastasia also emphasizes that “you need to be daring to gain followers that will spread the word about your brand like wildfire over the Internet.  Broadcasting yourself on multiple media platforms and cross-promoting is one of the most important steps to notoriety”. The transformation from ordinary to ‘Social Media Star’ begins with engaging and expanding your fan base. is the latest buzz circulating the online entertainment industry.  MeeMeeTV distinguishes itself from its competitors by allowing users to broadcast shows and interact live with all of their followers at once!  Users can post comments, send Reewards, instant message, and give shout outs to their favorite channel owners, aka Meestros.  You have the all of your social networking needs in a single place.  The more hits, gifts, and attention your channel gets the higher your rank on the site becomes and the closer you are to achieving VIP status which includes a whole host of extra perks!

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