Who gives a toss about tiny differences in Vitamins and Minerals?

“Who gives a toss about tiny differences in vitamins and minerals? It’s totally irrelevant.” So says Green & Black’s founder and organic food pioneer Craig Sams in his combative column in this month’s leading trade publication Natural Products magazine.

On page 34 of the October 2012 issue, Sams argues that a fixation with tiny nutritional differences between organic and non-organic is behind the low-level point scoring – ‘organic is healthier for you’ and ‘organic is a waste of money’ – that distracts from the real issues, and which wastes a vital opportunity to make the case for organic’s clearest benefits.

Craig Sams’ articles in Natural Products are always a conversation starter in the natural foods industry – but on this occasion the magazine’s publisher Diversified Business Communications UK believe his comments could inspire a wider debate about the future of food and farming.

Commenting, Natural Products editor, Jim Manson, said: “The narrow focus on nutritional differences between organic and non-organic produce sets up a false argument and stops discussion of the far clearer benefits organic has to offer. Someone in the organic sector needed to point this out but to get people’s attention it needed someone of Craig Sams’ stature and experience to say it.”

“The fact is that people who regularly choose organic food also eat less sugar, fat, meat and additives and less food overall and tend to exercise more and generally lead a healthier lifestyle. Eating organic is part of it, but not the magic bullet,” says Sams.

Craig Sam’s October 2012 column is available to view in full via the following link:

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