Honest Food by James McIntosh

I’ve just launched my own range of foods in China and Hong Kong.  I’m taking Great British foods where I know there are no additives or preservatives and bringing them to the Far East. Distribution is sorted, if your interested get in touch.  I call it Honest Food, and here is why…


Nothing extra. Just food you can have faith in.

Here’s a quick exercise. Let’s start with the premise that ‘you are what you eat’. Now take a quick look at the packaging from the food you’ve eaten in the last few days and answer the question: “Is my body a) a repository for a whole load of chemicals that I don’t even know what they are or b) my body is a temple and I understand everything I’ve put in it?”

If, like 99% of the population, your answer was a) … then it could be time to take action about the quality of food that you eat. Especially if you’re thinking about having a longer, healthier life. And that’s because a lot of medical studies are saying there’s a direct link between the additives in processed food and diseases like Alzheimers, heart problems, diabetes and even the dreaded c-word. Those additives range from the mysterious E numbers to the ubiquitous sugar.  Never mind water being added to make it look like you are buying more than you end up eating.

It’s a problem that world award-winning TV chef and cookery writer James McIntosh has tackled head on with his new Honest Food range of packaged products. “Just because it’s packaged and ready prepared,” James says, “it doesn’t mean you need to add a load of unsavoury ingredients with chemical names. My rule of thumb is that if my grandmother wouldn’t have understood what goes into my products, then it doesn’t get added.”  That’s why Farmers Weekly Magazine in the UK gave HIM a gold medal for his work as Britain’s Food Ambassador.

James was raised on a farm in Northern Ireland (he describes himself as ‘free range’) and knows about good food. He’s runs the kitchens for the UK’s premier food awards, and was recently voted best food TV presenter in the world for his work on TV in China. Now he has launched his Honest Food range with three Great British foods:

– Vacuum-cooked meat. Tender and delicious meat that’s ready to heat and serve.

– Cold pressed English extra virgin rapeseed oil. A rich source of Omega 3, 6 and 9.

– No added sugar ice cream. All the taste, none of the tooth decay or processed sugars that make you fat.

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