Belfast Food Tour. Thons’ yummy grub!

Bringing ‘coals to Newcastle’ combined with the term ‘bus mans holiday’ are two very familiar concepts for myself about food and Northern Ireland.  However, not one to miss a party, I recently partook in one of the Belfast Food Tours.  What I learnt and saw was super.

Belfast Food Tour

Belfast Food Tour

Belfast is the globally reported new food hotspot.  Flavours, food, history and stunningly good artisan foods come tougether on this tour run by Caroline, lawyer by day, tour guide by weekend.  There were about 25 in my group, starting in St Georges Market and then walking to pubs, shops, restaurants and coffee shops across Belfast.  Don’t worry you eat as you go, and eat you do!  Caroline does act like mother and ensures one has lined their stomach before the drink starts to flow.  The craic is mighty and the stall holders and trades from the market to the chefs in the restaurants you visit all tell their stories and share a unique pride that is Belfast food.

Stopping at about 8 different places, the tour changes from week to week, however, one is not short of food as its tasting at every opportunity.

It’s a new Belfast to me, and I thought I knew most of the food outlets in my home city.  If you do one thing this spring…  Why don’t you fly in for the day, the tour starts 5 minutes from the airport.



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