Gin Mare

In Paris at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards I was fortunate to try a new gin that is available in selected stores in the UK – Gin Mare.


It has a spicy nose with herbaceous notes reminiscent of a humid pine forest filled with tomato plants and subtle rosemary and black olive aromas.  The taste is boldly flavoured palate bursts open with juniper and fresh coriander before turning bitter with spicy notes of thyme, rosemary and basil with a slightly bitter finish has green olive notes with cardamom and basil. A gin offering genuinely different flavours.

Gin Mare has won many gold and silver awards in the industry.  Right, off to Harvey Nichols to grab a bottle.

Distilled in a chapel with frescos above the still, it contains the flavours of 8 botanicals.

The word Mare (mar–ray) is commonly used throughout the entire Mediterranean culture. The immediate translation is Sea which comes from Latin or Italian. However, if we delve a little more deeply, we will see that in Catalan it has a slightly different connotation, namely something maternal. 


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