In Paris with Chef Wan

I’ve just returned back to our green and pleasant lands from Paris.  The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards and Paris Cookbook Fair are a yearly event in my diary.  How fabulous it was to spend proper time with my friend and global cookery megastar – Datuk Chef Wan.Untitled-1

Listening to Chef Wan talk is not an option, all he does is talk.  But every word is worth listening to.  He’s funny, he’s witty and he understands life, food, love and the components that bring it all together to make food entertainment.

I would argue that Chef Wan is the biggest celebrity Chef in the world.  He is the Ambassador of Malaysia and he started his career as an accountant and then an actor before training to become a chef.  He has presented more hours of TV than anyone I know (and I know many) but has the ability to make everyone in his company feel loved, special and warm.

My TV series in China – Food Adventures on the Silk Road 2 was a follow on from a TV series in China that Chef Wan co-presented, to share a book with Wan and a TV series is a huge honour.  And to find out at the weekend that our book won a special award from the Jury at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards is humbling.

Wan is coming to London, he has been on our screens many times before.  Today he is filming in Devon, but when this Asian Explosion hits our TV screens in the near future, we will see food and life differently.

One thought on “In Paris with Chef Wan

  1. Food is exciting and fun…It is also a perfect tool for building bridges between cultures. James’ work and collaborations show this clearly.

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