Northern Irish Connections

As I travel around the world, most have never heard of Northern Ireland.  A place I’m very proud to call my birthplace.  However, once I hear that dulcet twang of “how are you?“, I know I’m home, and no matter where I roam, I do hear it.  Northern Irish people have a special bond and thanks to Northern Irish Connections, I’ve made some rather good ones recently…


For such a small place, with a population of only 1.4 million, Northern Ireland is a very special place, a beautiful place.  Forget the history, that’s the past, Belfast is one of the worlds most vibrant places and as for the conference facilities in the City of Belfast, well…  they are second to none.

Many famous people have come from N.I., myself included, who have done some remarkable things, won global awards in our areas of expertise, Hollywood actors (not Holywood as thats outside Belfast!), pop stars, scientists, authors and many more.

Events are being organised all over the globe to connect the ‘diaspora’ that left home, always the same questions are asked “what’s yer name and where do you come from?”  But there is a warmth and a smile and help like none other.  Andrew who heads it up is doing a great job, he’s friendly and very personable, so, I urge you, do go along, and tell them your name and where yer from.  What we have achieved in NI is a covet for the world.

So, want to connect with people from home?  Just click here, I did and it opened China to me.

I’m proud of my home.

Keep er lit ye boy ya.