Promoting Northern Irish food across the world

When you are asked to do something from your home country it’s a real honour.  Northern Ireland Connections asked me to appear in a video about NI, a place I’m really proud to call my home and what followed was quite a bit of press and a speaking engagement or two…


In a previous blog I wrote about Northern Irish Connections and why I like to support the organisation, simply put, they find people like me, the “diaspora” as they call them (those of us who left home) and connect us together.  That’s how I met Tom Kline, the Director of the Western International School of Shanghai and he asked me to become a Patron of the school.

So back to the video, you can see it below.  It’s simply about my thoughts on NI Food, something you will be hearing a great deal about this year.  I have travelled around the world with food to find out the best is where I started from.  I feel like my cat, Gloria, chasing my tail!  But I’m so proud of the food at home and what my country is doing.  Andrew Cowan the CEO of Northern Irish Connections has been a big part of this.

So, if your from NI, do get in touch with Northern Irish Connections, you can see a little above about what they did to make home accessible to me again and helped me in my work by introducing me to others.

The Belfast Telegraph then ran an article about me, and I’ve been asked to be the Keynote Speaker at an important conference in Belfast next month about food and tourism, but more of that in tomorrows post.

Thank you Northern Irish connections for making it all possible.  Although I live in London with Angus my AGA City60 It’s fantastic to know that I can still work with the best produce in the world, the place where it all started for me, Northern Ireland.  A beautiful place that I’m proud of.


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