Michelin stars come back to Belfast

Belfast is fast becoming a food capital of the world, Northern Ireland with it’s spring of artisan food products are winning a host of awards for quality and innovation.  And, 2 Michelin stars have come back to Belfast after a 4 year lapse.


Two restaurants have been awarded the prestigious honour, Ox and Deane’s Eipic, 4 years since Belfast lost it’s last Michelin star, Both Deane’s Epic and OX have been awarded one star each, making the only region in the UK not to have a Michelin star back on the world global map.

But, it does not finish here.  In October a team from Northern Ireland is off to the World Cookbook fair to make Northern Ireland a culinary destination with a host of authors preparing to sell the rights to to a host of cookbooks to global publishers as it’s very difficult to get a Northern Irish recipe book out side of Northern Ireland and in the words of Food NI – ‘Our Food’s so Good’.  And, this just goes to prove it as The Michelin Guide says “a restaurant don’t get a start for simply being the best in it’s city.  It has to stand up against Starred restaurants all over the world.

What a great way to start 2016, Northern Irelands year of food and drink.

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