The birth of Angus the AGA. “How Do They Do It?”

When a mummy and daddy love each other very much…. or so the old adage used to go. I assure you Angus the AGA City60 was not found in a cabbage patch as we don’t have those in Peckham (the posh part), nor was he delivered by a stalk.  I will have you know he was delivered by AGA London.  So when asked about the birth of my bundle of joy, I’m booming with pride to tell people the real story.  And, it’s on TV tonight.

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Romanian Food on the AGA

I love a Prosecco party.  Well if we are in times of austerity I’m prepared to remove champagne from my list but not the bubbles.  I have to keep my standards.  I’m finding some great bottles out there and unless told, one could hardly tell the difference (or so I tell myself)  It was one of those evenings a few weeks back I was invited to a friends apartment on the South Bank; you know, one of those idyllic views at dawn as the sun illuminates the clouds bright orange as it sets overlooking Big Ben, the Shard (I swear there is not a street in London you cant see it from) and the BT Tower amongst others.  You get the picture.  I hear this deep voice as I enjoy the panorama to hear “Hello.  How are you?”, very well indeed was my polite response.  I am Alin from Romania was the response in deepest Eastern European accent.

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