Why I picked Punjana Tea

Anyone form my native Northern Ireland will know the jingle.  “Pick Punjana Tea”.  Why?  Because it was part of our growing up and heritage.  But It’s more than that as I discovered.  Many at home would condemn the rain, but as I have learnt recently its one of the main ingredients that makes ‘Our Food So Good’ as Food NI use in their marketing campaigns.  You see rain makes the grass grow, that makes the beef so good, the flour so good and that leads to breads and everything else we produce on the farms in Northern Ireland unique and world class.  Other brands of drinks need to create an ‘occasion’ for consumption in their marketing like “eleven thirty” , but when nature produces a daily stop in Northern Ireland with the rain, Punjana had a natural marketing campaign.  That’s why we all know to “Pick Punjana Tea”.

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