π or pie?

What’s in a food name?

We all know some food names are protected like Arbroath Smokies and Stilton.  But some names, protected or not fall into the modern era of Political Correctness. 

In a previous blog a few years back I wrote about how Spotted Dick – the much loved British pudding had been renamed in the Holiday Inn in Birminghm.  You can read the adventure HERE.

However, it all went a bit too far for one bar in the trendy Hoxton area on London last week:

The Sun reports that the Nightjar bar in Hoxton, East London, has removed ‘Moby Dick’ from its cocktail menu after being informed by police that one of its ingredients was illegal. The cocktail contained Laphroaig whisky, Drambuie, ale, bitters and a ‘whale skin infusion’. Police raided the bar on 3 December 2012 after getting a tip-off about the drink, but no arrests have been made. The bar managers, who were unaware that it is illegal to sell whale products, have apologised to customers who may have been offended. Greenland is the only country in Europe that is allowed to use whale for food purposes.

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