A Day With The Publisher

Another hectic day in a never-ending stream of hectic days. Recently, I have felt that I am running on empty. I’ve been so busy with the website and the book and my regular work that my energy levels have dropped faster than a hippo down a waterslide.

I know that you would like to think that I leap out of bed each morning, pull the curtains open and greet the brand new dawn.

Sadly, it’s not like that. I tend to cough and splutter into life like a car on cold winter mornings. Things did not get off to a good start today. For the first time in a long time I slept in, largely due to the fact that I didn’t get to sleep until 5 AM as I was fretting about the book. Still, all that tossing and turning will be good exercise.

When I finally did fall asleep, I had the weirdest dream: I arrived at the publisher’s office where I was presented with my new book, mix. Yet, it was not the mix. that I was expecting. The cover was made out of clear plastic and was decorated with little flowers. Very pretty, but nothing to do with cooking.

But James,” said the publisher, “it’s Cath Kidston, it will sell.”

Now, I have nothing against Cath Kidston. In fact, as far as stylish and practical household designs go, her brand is arguably the finest out there (please send sample merchandise to the usual address). But it was not my book. It was not the product that I had toiled over, into which I had poured so much blood, sweat, tears and flour.

Due to sleeping in, I missed my train, and consequently arrived late with the publisher. In fact, the books arrived before I did.

I walked into the meeting room and immediately saw mountains of copies of mix. open on a desk. To my relief, there were no floral patterns in sight. Just clean, well-designed covers, and thousands of pictures of me. How odd.

Still slightly flustered, I spent the next while signing copies for everyone who had kindly pre-ordered the book. My wrist was aching after the first two dozen. (As an aside, I whinged about this to a friend, who then informed me that each time Ian Rankin publishes a new novel, he takes a day out of his schedule to go to the warehouse, where he signs around 3,000 copies. Point made.)

After all that, I quite fancied a coffee, a breather and quite possibly a power nap, but I had yet another meeting to attend. This one concerned the second in my series of cookbooks. This one is called dinner., and it’s due out on 28 November. The text, however, is due in a week! It will be another hectic week for James, I’m afraid.
After a long day, I took the train home, whereupon I collapsed in a crumpled heap and fell asleep.

I was ecstatic, proud, happy, elated, relieved and my brain felt like it had been put through a clothes mangle. Above all, I was exhausted. In fact, I feel another little nap (would that be a napkin?) coming on now. Time to catch some ZZZs.
Sleep well

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