A Face For Radio

 I’ve been quite the media hussy this week.

You know when you watch Good Morning With Phil and Fern or Richard And Judy (and don’t tell me you don’t), and you see Celebrity X shamelessly plugging their latest book / film / hair product / health drink / range of winter coats for poodles? Well, that’s me!

Put simply, a product is sold by a strong media presence. Of course, word of mouth and nepotism help too, but actually making the public aware that you have wares to sell is a pretty essential part of the process.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. Good PR should get your product mentioned in every magazine, television programme and radio show in town. Mine, it seems, is firing on all cylinders. So far my name or grinning face has popped up in over twenty magazines, I’ve got interview requests, and pretty soon you may see my face plastered across the back of London buses.

Well, okay, that last one is a fib.

This should explain why this afternoon I found myself being interviewed live on U105, a station in my native Northern Ireland. The presenter Lynda Bryans was very warm and affable, and made the whole experience relatively painless.

I have already mentioned my motormouth, which today, it has to be said, was in top gear. On one hand, it felt like a friendly chat, as I quite frequently badger my friends with news about the website and Whisk and mix. in such detail. However, evey so often I would stop to think, “Hold on, thousands of people might be listening to this.”

I imagined their first reaction was, “He doesn’t sound as if he’s from Portadown.”

It was great fun though. Essentially there is nothing that difficult about answering questions about yourself. It’s a subject I’m pretty familiar with, after all. But it’s hard not to get tired of hearing the words “James McIntosh” as if they are a brand rather than my name. Yes, I’ve become a brand now. That’s quite a strange thought.

But it is all tremendously exciting. Exhausting? Yes. Nerve-wracking? Definitely. But exciting nonetheless. It’s all go here at McIntosh Towers. While my right hand signs contracts, my left hand types up the next recipe for my forthcoming book, dinner.. All the while my mobile phone is tucked neatly between my ear and my shoulder.

And who said men couldn’t multitask?

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