A Tale of 2 Cities

Last week I took the AGA Total Control van to Country Warmth, an AGA distributor in picturesque North Yorkshire. I always love to visit that part of the country as the scenery is as breathtaking as any in the world. One of the few things I remember about studying, and I use that term loosely, English Literature in school was reading Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, with its vivid descriptions of moors, craggy hills and lush, green fields. It is one of the few places that I would take a detour just to refresh my memory of the views. Further, the people there are so genial and down to earth, as epitomised by those working at the family run Country Warmth and those who attended the demonstration.

I once again displayed the benefits of cooking on the new AGA Total Control. During an hour and a half I produced a veritable feast covering any possible meals and snacks one could eat in a given day: a full cooked breakfast, a loaf of bread, baked salmon, pizza, red onion and goats cheese quiche, leg of lamb, fillet steak and stir-fried vegetables to name but a select few. To those who are not fans of cooking, this might sound like quite the ordeal, but I can confirm that any pressure or real labour is removed by the ease of cooking with AGA Total Control. I know that if I am talking about a raspberry summer sponge cake, for example, and I open the oven containing it, I am not going to be confronted by a burnt or soggy surprise. The AGA Total Control cooks food exactly as it should do. It really is that easy.

Afterwards, those attending were able to sample the food and I answered more specific questions on the Total Control technology. I told them how it is fully programmable so that it turns on when you want it to, and off when you want it to. In fact, there is more to it than that. The user can set one oven to come on at a given time, or all three ovens and both hot plates, or any combination they desire. The benefits of such functionality should be obvious to those with busy lifestyles and demanding occupations. Imagine how liberating and comforting it is to know that you can programme your dinner to cook when and how you want it to.

A day later, I flew to Northern Ireland to launch the AGA Total Control at the shop in Belfast and did it all over again. It was a great opportunity to not only catch up with friends and family but also show off the new cooker to customers in my home country. After keeping this secret for so long, it feels fantastic to be able to speak about it.

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