Birmingham Made Me!

No, silly, not me as in ME, as in James McIntosh.  But ME as in some of the best products that we know and love and all talk about and know as British.  I was made in Northern Ireland, but grew up with a product made in Birmingham.  And that way, I can say Birmingham Made me, as can so many other who grew up with an AGA cooker.
It’s not just the iconic AGA cooker, its also Acme whistles (you know the ones that used to be iconic with every English copper on the beat), Emma Bridgewater and her pottery (you know, the spotty ones), Jaguar, Landrover and countless others including, you either love it or hate it, Marmite!  Oh, and Cadbury’s Chocolate, Aston Martin, Vax  vacuum cleaners…. All of these were made in Birmingham and the surrounding area and still are.
So, as Birmingham MADE me, I’ve voted for AGA.  Have you?  Just click here.

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