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For the past few years I’ve been writing about my journey around the world for Flavour Magazine.  I’ve written about my travels from USA to China, UK to Australia.

Untitled-2Flavour is all about food and drink: eating and drinking in the home; shopping for food and drink; eating out, whether that is casual or fine dining; food and drink culture and tourism.

Flavour is published for the North of Ireland, everything local people eat and drink but at heart we’re committed to the promotion of locally grown, sourced and produced food. We’re all about food provenance, supporting our own growers, producers and suppliers, reducing food miles and, at the same time, making food better! And you’d be surprised just how fabulous the northern Ireland food and drink offering is – we’ve got some great producers and suppliers, from those that work with all the major food stores to the small, artisan producers to be found in the farmers markets and specialist shops.

Flavour brings fabulous recipes for all occasions and budgets, shopping hints, tips and offers, guides to great days out with fabulous food and drink to match and the best of eating out in the north of Ireland.

Flavour is published to greet each of the four seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn and, of course, we have a dedicated Christmas Special. Don’t miss it…

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