Frankfurt Book Fair

The poet T. S. Eliot famously said that his life had been measured out with coffee spoons. I, on the other hand, have measured out mine with plane journeys. I’ve flown nearly a dozen times during the past fortnight. Frankly, I’m sick of flying.

However, I’m going to have to lump it because later this week I jet off yet again for the Frankfurt Book Fair. This annual event is, not to put too fine a point on it, a big deal. Lasting five days and attracting more than a quarter of a million visitors, it provides the likes of me with a critical marketing exercise. It’s a vital opportunity for me to secure international publishing rights for my series of cookbooks so the pressure is on.

The James McIntosh Series of Cookbooks

Winning a golden pair of Gourmand awards continues to pay dividends. I am one of a small handful of chefs who have been invited to present at the fair. Chef Wan, who I have mentioned before, will be there, as will Chakall. These names may not be instantly recognisable here in the UK, but they are held in very high esteem on the international stage. To be ranked amongst their number is a true privilege. I know that I talk about this a lot, but I cannot tell you how flattering and humbling it is to be invited to such a prestigious event.

For those of you who are interested, I will be demoing:

  • Yellow TailĀ King Fish with Saffron Aioli (from Mix.)
  • Christmas Syllabub with mixed nuts (from Mix.)
  • Raspberry and White Chocolate muffins (from Mix.)
  • Pork with Mustard and Apple (from Dinner.)
  • Orange and Chicory Salad (from Veg.)
  • Marmalade cake (from Cake.)

If you are interested in purchasing the rights, best contact me

I’ll update you with more when I’m back!

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