Greedy Goat

I’m always on the look out for Great British food products, most days people contact me about products to go on my blog.  I generally plan my blog 7 days in advance and then something knocks my plan out of kilter.  This week its Greedy Goat.  I discovered it at Borough Market and had to postpone my Seville marmalade blog until next year.

goatDelicious, guilt-free goat’s milk ice cream from lovely Essex goats, delivered straight to the market.

Greedy Goat’s ice cream is lactose-friendly, healthier and (in our humble opinion) it tastes much better than regular ice cream. We’ve been working for years back at the Goat Shack to develop a variety of great flavours for our guilt-free ice cream that doesn’t skimp on taste.

The taste of our ice cream is the most important thing to us. Our plan to start a goat’s milk ice cream shop started when we realised the lack of delicious food that isn’t full of horrible stuff. And so began the quest for a healthier indulgence – something more than your standard puddings.

What you will find with Greedy Goat ice cream is a delicious, guilt-free option, made with high-quality, British ingredients. We believe that it will appeal to most people and it is especially great for kids because it contains less lactose than cow’s milk – and to put it simply, it is just better for you and tastes great!

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