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We could all use a little good news.  Many of us are aware of the sustainability challenges we face – but many of us may still wonder “what can I do about it?”.  HomeEcConnect is an online space to share hope, courage, practical initiatives and good news. We can do this by communicating and passing on the innovative, creative and inspiring ways that we are addressing our challenges as individuals and as a global home economics community. 

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Home economics is not just a curriculum subject learnt at school.  As an internationally recognised qualification, graduates go into many different fields.  For example, home economists work to ensure that a range of products developed within industry keep the needs of the family in focus.  I have an education and research background, James is an industry home economist.  Regardless, of our differences, James and I both believe that to invigorate the home economics profession we need to use the technological tools available to us.  Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) give people access to information.  James is an exceptional example of a fearless social networker.  He fully utilises the internet to promote his unique perspective and obvious passion for home economics.  James has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile, a YouTube channel, his business Whisk website, an IPhone and IPad Touch 600 recipe application and he blogs regularly.  James has also plugged into HomeEcConnect which provides an umbrella service or hub for home economics teachers, students and professionals to share local knowledge with global audiences.

HomeEcConnect is an opportunity to:

  • showcase home economics while raising its web presence and public profile
  • showcase your school
  • encourage active local and global citizenship
  • focus home economic teachers, students and professionals on relevant and exciting local and global home economics projects
  • share ideas
  • integrate ICT and digital technology into home economics classroom practice
  • widen professional horizons
  • participate in a research project

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Many home economists around the world work under the International Federation of Home Economics Position Statement (2008) to guide our work.  Sustainability features heavily in contemporary home economics.  I have learnt that “sustainability” does not just mean renewable energy, recycling bottles, giving food scraps to worms and making new garments from old fabric… it also means raising children in nurturing ways, keeping families communicating, fun and play, housing, furnishings, economics of the home, cooking, cleaning, equitable labour division, safe parks and playgrounds, food security, ethical and sustainable clothing.  Sustainable relationships, families, communities and living environments all contribute to a sustainable future.  Advocating for health, education, peace, equity, justice and respect… I believe this is what home economics is all about.  Internet communications tools can facilitate ‘future proofing’ and sustainability of the home economics profession.

Social networking sites are about listening, understanding and participating.  As a place to build relationships and cross-cultural understanding, they can be a hub for collecting and sharing grassroots knowledge.   HomeEcConnect was built for this purpose.  It is a website that brings together home economics teachers, students and professionals from all over the world to share our dreams and realities.  HomeEcConnect is about working collaboratively, being inspired and taking action on local and global issues that affect the everyday lives of individuals, families and communities while respecting diversity and our common Earth home with all its creatures, land, air and water.


About Jay Deagon

I am the founder of HomeEcConnect.  HomeEcConnect contributes to promoting home economics as essential education.  I believe home economics not only provides individuals, families and communities with essential skills to enhance quality of life; it successfully achieves this goal because of the thousands of caring and service oriented professionals who actively inspire others. I am collecting these good news stories to share with the home economics profession and the general public.  I am a PhD Candidate at Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia.  HomeEcConnect is part of my research project that seeks to understand home economics in digital times and its relationship with spiritual health and well-being and education for sustainable development.  I am working under the supervision of Professor Donna Pendergast, Griffith University.  For more information about any aspect of this project please contact Jay at j.deagon@griffith.edu.au or Donna at d.pendergast@griffith.edu.au.

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