It’s called Organoleptic Testing!

Imagine being faced with fish cakes for breakfast. Not only one but 6 of them. Then pizza in the same numbers, sausages, cakes, chutneys, cheese, jams and then ciabatta products all before noon. That’s 48 products to score all before noon. And then the same numbers of other products all over again.


Yummy you may think but the taste products like this in a blind capacity scoring each out of 10 attributes to find the best products in each sector with other industrial professionals. It’s hard work. All of the products were tasted blind so we did not know what was made by each retailed. This is how we assessed the products for The Grocer Awards.

Then the photo shoot. Cameras everywhere snapping for PR shots while I was trying to distinguish flavour, texture, aroma and overall concept of the product.

The awards have made some surprising findings. But I will keep quiet until the awards ceremony

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