Jimmy’s visit and London Book Fair

When I was in china in 2009 presenting Food Adventures on the Silk Road I had 2 co-presenters, German chef Chakall and Chinese chef Jimmy. Both are over for the London Book Fair. Three days of book madness of publishers, printers and distributors. Every year the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards have a stand and Chakall, Jimmy and I are promoting our Award winning book from the series. (see mine here)

Untitled-9This a.m. after a what I can only describe as MAD night in London’s China Town with Jimmy, was equally chaotic. As I walked through China town last night Jimmy was mobbed for autographs by adoring fans! The poor jet lagged chef needed food and bed. I thought of giving him some home comfort of Chinese food, the amount of fans proved too much so instead we settled for an English restaurant where Jimmy discovered Yorkshire Pudding, roast beef and all the trimmings. “what is this white wasabi?” he says, meaning horseradish, “I like the sauce James”. Meaning gravy (he never had it before) and as for the Yorkshire Pudding, that was so new to him.

The supermarket was confusing, our UK supermarkets are not like those Jimmy showed me in China, Bleary eyed I had to show him what each ingredient was “British style”.

Tonight we try “Italian style” for dinner. Wish me luck!

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