Jimmy’s visit not off to a good start!

I am pleased to say that I now have Jimmy (from China) in the car after we finally located his luggage! I was excited about seeing him and so thought I would give him something special. After a fair amount of time searching the shelves at the Chinese Supermarket in Croydon, I chose what looked to be a magnificent bottle of Chinese wine – just so he could feel at home. At £25 it had to be good.

Untitled-9Imagine my dismay when Jimmy gave me one of ‘those looks’ as I greeted him with my pressie. Nice one James. I had superbly managed to buy him a £25 bottle of cheap, nasty Chinese plonk! Oh well. It’s the thought that counts.

We are now on our way home and I am treating Jimmy to Sunday Roast with all the trimmings: roast beef, veg, gravy… the works. Let’s see how he manages Yorkshire puds with a knife and fork. Now that will be worth seeing!

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