Lasting Leaf gets Good Housekeeping Accreditation

In the past I’ve written about my favourite pre-prepared salad – Lasting Leaf from Natures Way Foods.  I’ve written many recipes and helped with development of new products for the company in the past.  I’m pleased to say they now have Good Housekeeping Accreditation on their range, a symbol of a great food product.


Lasting Leaf salads have joined the ranks of a select number of foods and household products to be accredited by the world famous Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) for 2013. The salad range can now proudly display the famous ‘Tried, Tested and Trusted’ logo on their bags, highlighting their high quality and freshness.

The GHI accolade is only awarded to products that have undergone a rigorous testing process and Lasting Leaf is the first fresh food to be GHI approved for 2013 – and the very first salad range ever in the UK to be accredited in this way. To obtain GHI endorsement, the Lasting Leaf Salad range was carefully tested for its appearance, flavour, aroma, texture and overall acceptability:

  • Sweet & Crunchy (iceberg, romaine lettuce, red cabbage & carrot)
  • Crispy Crunchy (iceberg, frisée and radicchio)
  • Mild & Crispy (frisée, lambs lettuce & radicchio)

The fridge life of the salad bags was also monitored – both opened and unopened – and all three Lasting Leaf salads passed and scored very well.  The GHI Experts were particularly impressed by the salads’ long lasting qualities, finding that they stayed fresh for at least 7 days in the bag and 2 days once the bag had been opened and kept in the fridge.

The salads were also tested by a panel of consumers at home, after buying them from the supermarket in ‘real life’ conditions.  They said:

  • “The lettuce tasted crisp and fresh, even after four days in the fridge”.
  • “We loved the crunchy carrot and lettuce mix, it tasted really fresh”.
  • “I don’t often buy bagged salads because I didn’t think they lasted as long, but I was pleasantly surprised at how fresh these salads tasted and how crunchy they were.”
  • “Even the kids enjoyed the salad – unusual in our house!”

Lasting Leaf Sweet & Crunchy salad performed particularly well, with the combination of ingredients and sweet notes from the carrot, alongside the variety of textures, helping to keep it both fresh and crunchy.  Each bag has a re-sealable tab to avoid spillage in the fridge and this was also given the official ‘thumbs up’ for its user-friendly convenience.

 Melanie Dean from Lasting Leaf says, “We’re delighted to have been recognised by the GHI and to have our salads accredited for their freshness and flavour.  We were particularly pleased that our longer lasting promise came across strongly as we believe our salads can help shoppers save money, time and avoid unnecessary waste.”

The GHI has been testing products in the UK since 1924 and the famous logo has been awarded to almost 5,000 products. Numerous brands apply each year for GHI Accreditation but not all pass the assessment.

Lasting Leaf Salads are available from Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose and Ocado.

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